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what sets us apart

Integrated Education & Care

As a preschool integrated with daycare, we provide high quality child care that has a positive influence on the holistic development of the child through valuable educational and social experiences.

Based On Structured Curriculum

A well researched multiple intelligence based curriculum to engage children and stimulate learning in a television free setting. It is implemented through the day at various learning centres sparking the child's imaginative thinking.

Health & Hygiene

Kids Pathshala maintains a clean environment by using child-safe and non-toxic educational resources. Healthy habits are role-modeled by the staff and general rules and routines are followed to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

Quality Control

In order to adhere to high standards across all our centres, there are weekly observations and in-house coordinators. For uniformity in curriculum and methodology, a system of feedback and implementation is in place.

Trained Teachers

Each teacher at kids Pathshala has gone through a rigorous selection and training process. The curriculum developed enables teachers to work creatively in the classroom with a broad framework and structure in place.

Standardized Operational Process

Standardization of processes and technology allows for our service to be consistent and reliable at every level even with large scale presence. This ranges from training of support staff to uniformity in centre design.